There are 4 simple ways to maintain your hair to be tied in a man bun. when salons are not available
In India being in lockdown until at least the 31st may or more, there are some key decisions that need to be made. After, you’re done with all the ones that ensure your safety and living, come to the smaller but somewhat equally important things. What do you do about stuff like your hair and beard?

Beard, is something that most of us can actually take care of ourselves. Our hair, on the other hand, because it takes a little longer to grow and is more conspicuous when some mistakes are made, is something that we do not want to take risks with unless an expert is involved. Now, if you’re confident and brave enough, you can try cutting your hair, by watching a few Youtube videos. you can actually start preparing your hair for that ultimate man bun that will surely be a huge hit once this quarantine is done.


How exactly do you prepare your hair for a man bun?What exactly do you do to prepare your hair?Read on, and takes notes.

1.Regular Coconut Oil Champis

You would to make things easy for your hair as well as yourself. Proper champis or massages act as the base on which the health of your hair and your scalp depends, and if you choose to go for coconut oil, over those fancy formulated hair oils, you will be doing yourself a favour. Try to massage your hair atleast once a week. Coconut oil has a lot of nutrients that make the roots of your hair strong, as well as the strands itself. Plus, it locks just the right amount of moisture in your scalp which makes it even healthier.

2. Hair and Scalp Hygiene

Other than keeping your scalp and hair clean, it is paramount that you keep your hair as clean as possible. No matter how exquisite or expensive your hair care routine is if you cannot maintain proper hair and scalp hygiene all your effort is wasted. Having said that, do not star aggressively shampooing your hair every day. Use a shampoo that suits your hair type, as well as your skin type. Also, try to go for products that are free of sulfates, alcohol and other harmful chemicals. And no matter what, if you are shampooing, always follow it up with a good conditioner, which again, suits you hair.

3. Brush Instead of Combing

A hairbrush, because it is softer on your scalp and hair, is always better for you when compared to a fine-toothed comb. combs tend to cause far more hair breakage and are not able to massage the scalp when you style your hair. Furthermore, using a comb puts stress on your roots. A hairbrush, especially the ones with thin, densely packed bristles is actually softer on your hair. Plus, they deal with more hair in every stroke, which gives it a nice texture and fill. Brushes are also more effective in clearing up loose strands of hair or debris from your scalp.

4. Maintain The Moisture Of Your Hair

Given where may be headed , shampooing every day is not actually possible, at least for us men. Therefore the best next alternative is washing your hair with warm water, carefully. With that being said, you have to ensure that the water isn’t scalding hot, or else you’ll end up damaging your hair , or even your scalp. And try to keep your scalp and hair mositurised. Apart from coconut oil massages, you can make some easy changes in your habits that help in retaining moisture, like massaging with aloe vera sap or cutting down your caffeine.

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